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TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur

Mental Health Specialist,
andChange Agent

Meet Ngozi Cadmus, a Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Psychotherapist, and Social Worker. Ngozi founded Frontline Therapist, a culturally sensitive mental health counselling service that provides accessible and affordable psychological therapies to disadvantaged communities and has helped over 2000+ in the last three years.

Ngozi is also the Co-founder of HappiWorkers, A digital mental health start-up that aims to democratise mental health and make it inclusive for all. Her work addresses the lack of representation of black women in all sectors and mental health inequalities in minority populations.

A TEDx speaker, a change agent, and an advocate for black and ethnic minority women leaders. Her work has received media attention, recognising her efforts to help communities access psychological therapies.

As a speaker, Ngozi has been invited to run sessions at schools, tech firms, and conferences, touching on mental health, personal development, entrepreneurship, equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Ngozi’s story is one of resilience and triumph. Having experienced mental health difficulties in her teenage years, she became a champion for the voiceless. Her message of hope and perseverance has touched the lives of many, and she continues to inspire others with her work. Whether speaking to students or professionals, Ngozi’s unique perspective and insights into mental health, entrepreneurship, diversity, and inclusion will leave a lasting impact.

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Black women are underrepresented in leadership positions across all sectors, and in most organisations, the leadership is whitewashed. In this interactive presentation, Ngozi will empower and equip the audience to mobilise their agency, future-proof their career and step out of their comfort zone to achieve different results.

After 2020, 42% of Black employees in the UK left their jobs due to a lack of inclusion. An inclusive, welcoming workplace that makes workers feel like they belong increases their productivity and retention of exceptional talent. During this interactive talk, Ngozi will share tips and tools to enable the audience to be authentic and vulnerable and step into their power.

Bold, Observant, Leadership, and Discovery. Ngozi will explain to the audience that embracing B.O.L.D as the leader they are becoming will inspire and empower their team to achieve their goals. It will also help them stand out and develop their distinct leadership style.

Imposter Syndrome is a common experience where individuals feel like they are not qualified for their job or position, despite evidence to the contrary. It can be challenging to overcome, but working through it with intentional strategies and a growth mindset is possible. Ngozi will share with the audience evidence-based strategies and hacks to overcome imposter syndrome, increasing confidence, performance and overall well-being.

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Ngozi Cadmus is a media-friendly Entrepreneur, Psychotherapist and Leadership Expert. She regularly features and interviews topics based on mental health and the black community, leadership and representation.

She is available for media contribution, podcast interviews, radio and TV.

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